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All the things to do in Bonito, Brazil

There is a huge number of things to do in Bonito, Brazil. The system of booking these activities is rather interesting and prices are changing every year. Here is a simple guide of all activities with prices for the year 2018.
All the things to do in Bonito, Brazil

Where is Bonito, Brazil

Bonito is the ecotourism capital of Brazil and lies approximately 3h drive from borders with Paraguay and Bolivia, in the state of Matto Grosso, Brazil. Natural attractions Bonito has to offer includes lake horseback riding, crystal clear rivers, beautiful caves and untouched forest so there is no wonder Bonito is a very popular destination for many Brazilians.

When is the best time to visit Bonito, Brazil

As Bonito is a popular destination for Brazilians, the high and low seasonability is defined by the Brazilian national holidays. It's more than recommended to avoid the high season, as the city is crowded, it's harder to book an activity and also prices are much higher. You can check the calendar of the high and low season here >>

What to do in Bonito, Brazil

Bonito definitely belongs to one of the most interesting places to visit in Brazil. No wonder it is one of the most visited places for Brazilians, and not all can afford to go here – Bonito belongs to prestigious destinations. The most popular thing to do in Bonito is definitely river snorkeling, which is also offered by various providers in different rivers or parts of rivers. You can discover the underwater life in Rio do Prata, Rio Formoso, or Rio Sucuri. Brazil is famous for its waterfalls and though Bonito doesn't have the biggest ones, they have a lot of them. So hiking to waterfalls, where you can also swim, is the second most popular thing to do in Bonito and something you shouldn't miss out.


Where to stay in Bonito, Brazil

There are many accommodation providers in Bonito, from backpackers hostels to high-end pricey hotels. We have chosen to stay in Hi Hostel Bonito and couldn't be more satisfied. The place is beautiful, it has a nice pool and common area to hang out with other guests. The staff is enormously friendly, they speak excellent Engish and will give you great advice which activity is the best, and most importantly, you can also book the activity with them, including the Pantanal tours from Bonito!

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Where to eat in Bonito

I don't have a wide list of restaurants in Bonito, though we ate out more times. But I can definitely recommend one. Juanita restaurant in Bonito is 2 blocks from the main street, in a nice and quiet neighborhood and offers a pleasant atmosphere and good price-quality performance. The staff is very friendly and professional, speaking excellent English, food is delicious (we had a fish and a steak) and their caipirinhas will make you fly for only 10$R (2,5€).

How to book an activity in Bonito, Brazil

The system of booking activities in Bonito, Brazil is rather interesting. All the land around Bonito is a protected area, mostly privately owned, therefore, doing an activity on your own is not possible. You also cannot just come to the place and buy a tour. Bonito works with a special system of vouchers and the sale of vouchers is reserved only to travel agents and you have to decide what you want to do and were in advance. This is to limit the number of visitors per day and help to preserve the nature. But I like the system, it also means there is no more than 12 people doing the same thing at the same time and same place as you.

In the high season (November – April), it is smart to book week or more in advance, as Bonito is crowded with tourists. Outside of the main season, it is not a problem to buy on the same day. It doesn't matter which agency you choose, as the prices are fixed and protected by the board of tourism and differ only among various providers. Check the full list of activities from various providers and their prices below.

River snorkeling in Bonito, Brazil

River snorkeling is definitely one of the most popular things to do in Bonito, therefore there is also the biggest number of providers offering this activity, as well as various prices.

River diving in Bonito, Brazil

This activity we didn't even try to do in Bonito, diving requires a bit more experience and possibly also a course, but if this is something that interests you, diving in Bonito rivers must be absolutely fabulous.


Bike tours in Bonito, Brazil

This is an activity we originally planned to do, but then the tour agent in our hostel told us it's basically only 15 km bike ride to a nearby Ecological Park Rio Formoso, where you plant a tree and then go for a 2km walk towards a bathing place. Seems like a nice day, but we were looking into something a bit more adventurous.

Hiking & waterfalls in Bonito, Brazil

As we love hiking, this was something we couldn't miss, but don't be mistaken as we were, its not a strenuous whole day hike. It's basically just a short slow walk towards the waterfalls with a lot of stops for bathing and taking pictures. We went with Estacion Mimosa and it was very nice.


Rappeling and zip line in Bonito, Brazil

Rappeling is something and adventurous soul like I am seeks, though it also comes with a higher price and with so many activities in Bonito, we rather went for quantity. Though if your budget is not limiting you but your time is, this is definitely something to make your adrenalin level jump.

  • Boca da Onca – rappeling, with lunch; all day, R$464 low season, R$539 high season
  • Nascente Azul – zip line, half day, R$120 low season, R$150 high season

Natural swimming pools in Bonito, Brazil

Enjoy a sunny day in one of the many natural swimming pools Bonito has to offer. Each with bar or restaurant and various fun activities to indulge in.


Adventure parks & tree climbing in Bonito, Brazil

Get some fun among the treetops and look at the world from a bit different perspective. Adventure parks and tree climbing is a great activity for everybody curious and brave enough to climb up to the tree top.

River tubing in Bonito, Brazil

Rapids and waterfalls, laughter and adrenalin, that's river tubing in Bonito. Just you on a doughnut-like an inflatable boat in a group of like-minded people and the whole river in front of you.

Horseback riding in Bonito, Brazil

The world is most beautiful from the horseback people say, and its true! I was in love with horses already as a child but never learned hoot to ride them, in Bonito I finally fulfilled my childhood dream and spent 2 hours on the horseback in P.E.Rio Formoso.


Taboa tasting in Bonito, Brazil

Taboa is a very typical strong spirit of Bonito region and all the flavors there are you can try directly at the source – in Fabrica Taboa Artesanato e Cachacaria. The most famous cachaça factory in the region where you will also see a handicraft workshop with clay, cloth, and fiber of taboa. This is also one of the rare places, where you can make a tour at night.

Cave excursions in Bonito, Brazil

Caves are the best place to hide from strong sun or cold rain. With three beautiful caves to choose from, you cannot go wrong – enjoy the view at unbelievable blue water in Gruta do Lago Azul, cave sculptures and museum of Gruta do Sao Mateus or hike in the nature to visit Gruta de Sao Miguel


Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) in Bonito, Brazil

SUPing is one of the most relaxing and at the same time strengthening activity I know. Don't miss the opportunity to do some standup paddling in Bonito.

Adrenalin 4 wheelers drive in Bonito, Brazil

Going on a 4-wheeler through mud and water sounded like a great fun to me, but then I realized, that it's a dry season and instead of covered in mud, I would end up covered in dust, didn't sound so funny anymore. But if you are coming in the wet season, this is definitely something you shouldn't miss out.

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