/ / Wanna go and travel the world with me?

Wanna go and travel the world with me?

The trip which for some people is scary and for others exciting dream they also had once, started with a simple question: “Wanna go and travel the world with me?”
Wanna go and travel the world with me?

The right call at the right time

The break of 2015 and 2016 was not the best for me. In a short period of time, I lost my father and broke up with a man I thought I would spend rest of my life with. Living in a foreign country already, I wasn't able to be home with my family to offer support and receive it as well. I was looking for a way out of my misery and traveling became one of my ways to get out. I did several solo trips, as far and as often as my budget allowed me, but I knew it is not enough to soothe my itchy feet.

One day, just in the beginning of 2016, I was walking down the streets of my beloved Ljubljana, thinking about the meaning of life. Suddenly, a phone call – my friend who has just moved to Britain, coping with the lonely life of a fresh expat, seeking a kind word of fellow emigrant:

„Hey, wanna go and travel the world with me?“ (he really wasn’t quite happy there)

„Yeah, sure, I absolutely have money to do that...“ (I really didn’t have the money)

To go or not to go (alone)?

I knew it was just another crazy idea of his, but the thought got stuck in my head. Eventually, I said, ´why the hell not´. We talked about it for several months, making plans where to go first. I moved to a cheaper apartment, sometimes working as much as 12 hours/day and weekends. Besides my full-time job, my translation business was getting better, so I was actually able to save several hundred euros each month. And the Plan was getting more and more specific shape. But one day, everything has changed: he has found a girl, and I have found a boy...

To many people, this would be the end of it, but I was determined not to let any man screw with what has already become my Plan. I told my boyfriend-to-be: „We can be together, but keep in mind, that by end of 2017 I am quitting my job and packing my bags. You can go with me if you want, or I will go alone...“ Only 8 months later, he said „darling, count me in“, and so I could start planning the trip for 2 again.

Why I chose Peru to start our trip?

The original plan was to go to New Zealand first, then spent the rest of the budget in Asia, so how I ended on the other side of the world? The ‘advantage‘of moving to the cheaper flat was having flatmates. And one of my flatmates was a Peruvian boy, whom I first met in Ljubljana 5 years ago. It was a nice reunion, we went to some jam session together, and he was telling me about his beautiful country. One day I came home from one of my hiking adventures, and he is telling me: „Tereza, you have to come to Peru, I live right under Machu Picchu, you gonna love hiking there.“ And I said, „OK, I‘m coming“, and started looking for plane tickets to Peru :)

At this point, I would like to thank my colleague from work, for creating this wonderful picture for us. I cannot stop laughing every time I look at it, you are the best!