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The best places to take picture of sunsets in Copacabana

Copacabana is a nice little town on the shores of Titicaca lake, popular among pilgrims and one-day visitors of Isla del Sol. My most favorite activity during our week here was taking pictures of the sunset - every day from a different spot - check out which are the best spots for sunset pictures in Copacabana
The best places to take picture of sunsets in Copacabana

The magic of sunset

There is something magical about the sunset. Every day the sun is dying, coloring the sky with its blood, but at the same time, you know it will rise the next day with the same power and bring you new beginnings and new opportunities. I love sunsets. The mighty sun starts losing its strength and you can almost with your bare eyes look straight into it - seeing its perfect round shape, the colors changing every minute it gets lower. Then it touches the horizon and within seconds it's gone, leaving a wonderful light show behind, coloring the sky and clouds with shades of red, orange and pink.

In Copacabana, we stayed for the whole week - to get a rest and get some work done, and this gave me an opportunity to explore the area and find the best spots for taking pictures of wonderful sunset sceneries. I would like to share this beauty with you - in pictures as well as in words so that if you get a chance to go to Copacabana one day, you know where to be at the sunset time.

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1. Cerro Calvario - popular tourist spot

Cerro Calvario is the most popular sunset spot in Copacabana. Around 6 p.m. crowds will start gathering at this little hill above the city to enjoy the miracle of sunset. It is not very demanding hike up  - 30 minutes on a nice road will take you to 4000 altitude meters when together with others, you can enjoy this colorful beauty.

2. The Harbor - the sun and the boats

If you don't feel like hiking up and want a slightly different perspective, the harbor is a perfect place. You can sit on many of the small piers and take pictures of the sun, reflecting on the water surface with boats making perfect silhouettes in front of it. There is also much fewer people here.

3. The beach - peace and wooden piers

The beach in Copacabana is not the best example of beauty, but if you go for a little walk a bit further from the city, you can find nice spots with not so much trash and with wooden piers which make nice details on your photo.

4. La Horca del Inca - rocks and trails of Incas

On the opposite to Cerro Calvario is another small hill with huge rocks and some Inca's archeology. This spot is supposed to be astronomy watch place for the Incas and you can find some interesting rock sculptures here. It's not massively visited as Cerro Calvario, which gives you perfect chance for some private photo shooting.