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14 Amazing & Easy Hikes in Slovenia - summer or winter

Heading to Slovenia in the winter and don’t want to miss on the amazing opportunity of visiting the mountains? Read about the best & easy day hikes, which you can do in the snow as well while getting amazing views of the winter fairy-tale around.
14 Amazing & Easy Hikes in Slovenia - summer or winter

After summer and autumn full of amazing trips to mountains, one winter we've decided that snow won’t stop us and went on to buy crampons and gaiters. Since then, we went on several winter hikes of various difficulties, but always opting for easier peaks where special skills, big crampons and ice-pick were not necessary. Yes, hiking and walking in Slovenia in the winter is not impossible :)

This year it's already the third winter, during which we are visiting popular mountains, where it doesn't matter that the snow has hidden some markings, as there are plenty of people walking before us making a nice path in the snow.

Before we move to other challenges and mastering the art of ice-climbing and proper winter hikes, let me present you one of the best day hikes in Slovenia in the winter that are suitable for everybody.

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#1 Smohor in Styria region

Back in 2017, Smohor was our first winter hike. We've just bought the crampons and gaiters and decided to try them out on easier terrain. One, which we usually overlook in the summer as we are so hyped out for hiking in the Julian Alps.

Smohor lies in the Styria region, between the cities Celje and Laško, and it's a great place to go snow hiking especially if you are enjoying relaxing times in the spas in this region. It's an easy hike, not technically demanding and it offers great views of the surrounding hills. There’s a mountain hut on the top so you can warm up inside with a hot cup of tea.

Difficulty: easy

Length: 10 km / 2,5 h both ways

Altitude: 784 m

Mountain hut: yes - Dom na Smohorju

Where to go next: Celje old city center, Castle ruins in Celje, Lasko thermal spa, Rimske Toplice thermal spa



#2 Mrzlica in Zasavje region

Mrzlica is the 4th highest hill in the Zasavje region and therefore offers great views to surrounding smaller hills. It became very popular in the past years and it’s a great hiking destination all year round. For us especially in the winter, to mix it up a bit with much more demanding snow hikes in the Julian Alps.

The mountain hut on the top of Mrzlica is located around 30 m under the peak and it’s a great place to warm up after the hike. On the top, there is a viewpoint with a plate for easy orientation in surrounding hills.

Difficulty: easy

Length: 8.5 km / 2.5 h both ways

Altitude: 1122 m

Mountain hut: yes - Planinski dom na Mrzlici

Where to go next: Industrial town Trbovlje, Lasko thermal spa, Rimske Toplice thermal spa



#3 Smrekovec, Komen & Travnik in Savinja region

Komen and Travnik, grassy hills just above Ljubno town in Savinja region, are kind of a love matter to me – these two mountains we visit very often with Primoz. Whether in the winter or in the summer, it’s just the right length to be back home for lunch. One summer we even did a 2-days long round trip starting from Ljubno, continuing to Smrekovec, Komen and after spending the night in Travnik mountain hut, we descended back down to Ljubno, though there’s also a possibility to continue to Raduha and get as high as 2000 m.

On top of Komen, there’s a beautiful wooden chapel under the top where you can rest on a bench, and if there’s not too much snow, you can prolong the hike to Smrekovec to the right or Travnik to the left. Both Travnik and Smrekovec have a mountain hut on the top, which are though usually closed in the wintertime (but check with the Slovene mountain office, might be opened sometimes).

Difficulty: medium

Length: various length, depends on the starting point:

Planina road to Komen: 6 km / 2 hours
Planina road – Komen – Travnik: 14 km / 3,5 hours
Ljubno – Smrekovec – Komen – Travnik: 24 km / 7 hours
Ljubno to Travnik: 8 km / 3 hours

Altitude: 1648 m

Mountain hut: yes – Koca na Travniku, Dom na Smrekovcu

Where to go next: Ljubno ob Savinji, Mozirski gaj, Gornji grad, Golte


#4 Raduha in Kamnik-Savinja Alps

Raduha is a popular mountain in Kamnik-Savinja Alps beautiful all-year-round. From the top is an amazing view at other peaks of Kamnik-Savinja Alps and even all the way to the Julian Alps crowned by the panorama of the Slovene highest mountain Triglav. On the other side, you can also see all the higher peaks of Savinja valley – Peca, Ursla gora, Olseva, Golte, Komen…

We’ve always started the hike driving from Ljubno ob Savinji, then turning right at Struge and driving all the way up almost to the mountain hut, where we parked and started the hike, having some tea and hot apple cake after descending. This is a popular hiking area which is well marked and you can easily extend your hike to other places in this beautiful mountain range.

Difficulty: medium

Length: 7 km / 3 hours both ways

Altitude: 2062 m

Mountain hut: yes, but not on the top – Koca na Loki pod Raduho (1534) & Koca na Grohati (1460)

Where to go next: Logarska dolina, Ljubno ob Savinji, Mozirski gaj, Gornji grad


#5 Menina Pasture Plateau (Planina Menina)

Planina Menina is a place I passed by many times, one I've seen from the top of other mountains and also from bellow when driving to the start point of so many hikes. It never really was on my list of places I wanted to visit. All because I had no idea about the amazing views it offers. From the top, you can see the whole Kamnik-Savinja Alps including monsters like Ojstrica, Brana, Grintovec, Kalski Greben and many more that are not yet ticked of my list…

Planina Menina is one of the places where you can take your grandmother and your kids, or go for a whole day strenuous hike. It's not technically demanding or very steep, but depending on the starting point, it can be very long. We started at Planina Biba, leaving the car by the Chapel of St. Anton, then walked by Biba Lake towards the Menina mountain hut, deciding to go off-road on the way back and take it through the small forest while enjoying the sunset. But there are many other access roads to choose from.

Difficulty: easy

Length: various, we did a round trip of 8 km in 2 hours

Altitude: 1453

Mountain hut: yes, Dom na Menini Planini

Where to go next: Gornji Grad, Velka Planina, Mala Planina, Kamnik, Kamniška Bistrica, round hike to Lepenatka and Veliki Rogatec


#6 Tamar Valey near Kranjska Gora

Hiking in Slovenia is especially popular around Krsnjaka Gora. And the winter hike to Tamar might be the easiest winter hike I did. Mountain hut in Tamar is in the summer start point for difficult hikes to high mountains, in the winter a paradise for families with kids and pleasant Sunday walks. Not sure I would even call it a hike, it’s more of a nice walk with a very slight elevation gain, ending up in a popular mountain hut. This is a hike I’d take my mum to in the winter, that’s how easy it is :)

Starting at the Nordic centre Planica, the path to Tamar mountain hut is a perfect hike to do for complete beginners in snow hiking, if you are unsure how to walk on the snow and ice, or if you are just looking for a nice afternoon walk and don’t have much time for anything longer. But you will for sure enjoy the views, I was amazed and couldn’t keep my camera shut. It’s also a perfect destination to go with kids and sleights ;)

Difficulty: easy

Length: 7 km / 2h both ways

Altitude: 1108 m

Mountain hut: yes – Planinski dom Tamar

Where to go next: Ski center Pokljuka, Kranjska gora, Zelenci Nature Reserve, Jasna Lake



#7 Visevnik in the Julian Alps

No matter the season, Visevnik is a very popular mountain. The access is rather easy with a big parking spot at Pokljuka ski center. The hike is not technically demanding even in the winter, though in case of very deep snow it can be quite strenuous. From the top of Visevnik there is an amazing view at Triglav and other highest mountains of the Julian Alps.

Since there’s no hut on the top of Visevnik, it’s worth to stop in Pokljuka before heading back home, to enjoy some hot tea and maybe even to watch or try some winter sports. Pokljuka is very popular for cross-country skiing, offers ski rental and often hosts national and international tournaments in biathlon. Pokljuka is also the most popular starting point for hiking to the top of Triglav, the highest Slovene mountain (not recommended in the winter, unless you are an experienced alpinist).

Difficulty: medium

Length: 7 km / 3 hours both ways

Altitude: 2050 m

Mountain hut: no

Where to go next: Ski center Pokljuka, Kranjska gora, Zelenci Nature Reserve, Jasna Lake


#8 Mrezce & Debela Pec in the Julian Alps

Mrezce and Debela Pec are two beautiful peaks in the Julian Alps that are thanks to their slowly descending east face easily accessible also in the winter. Though if you don’t feel like spending 3 hours walking in the snow in the winter, a hike to the mountain hut Blejska koca na Lipancih under them is also a great option. The hut is opened all year long, promising a hot tea and delicious pastry at the end of the snow hike.

The extra effort put into the hike to the top of either of these mountains is though worth it. From the top is an amazing view at the most beautiful peaks of the Julian Alps including Triglav, and in nice weather also at Karavanke and Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

Difficulty: medium

Length: To Mrezce: 9km / 3 h both ways. To Debela Pec probably a bit more.

Altitude: Mrezce 1965 m, Debela Pec 2014 m, Blejska Koca na Lipancih 1630 m

Mountain hut: yes – Blejska Koca na Lipancih

Where to go next: Ski center Pokljuka, Kranjska gora, Zelenci Nature Reserve, Jasna Lake



#9 Planinski dom na Kofcah & Veliki Vrh in Karavanke mountain range

The mountain hut in Kofce is one of the most popular mountain huts in Slovenia. They are famous for a delicious pastry and in the summer, there is a big crowd enjoying this delicacy. The mountain hut is opened all year long and since snow-hiking is becoming more and more popular, also the Kofce mountain hut is getting more and more crowded also in the winter, especially in sunny weather (though compared to summer months it may seem quite empty).

From Kofce mountain hut, you can easily stretch the hike to Veliki vrh above it, though this stretch requires already quite good experience in snow hiking and good equipment including crampons, gaiters and ice-pick. Here, snow can be deep and the part to the ridge of the mountain is steep and not very often walked, so you might have to walk in knee-deep snow.

Difficulty: easy to hard

Length: To Planinski dom na Kofcah 1 h 15 min / 3 km (one way). To Veliki Vrh 2 – 3 hours. (one way)

Altitude: Veliki Vrh 2088 m, Planinski dom na Kofcah 1488 m

Mountain hut: yes, Planinski dom na Kofcah


#10 Kriska Gora & Tolsti Vrh in Kamnik-Savinja Alps

Tolsti Vrh and Kriska Gora is another beautiful hike, which can be done in the winter, though watch out for foggy weather, as especially on the way to Tolsti Vrh, you could easily get lost. You can choose to go to either Kriska Gora only (1 hour up) or make a round trip hiking first to the top of Tolsti Vrh, then to Kriska Gora, rest in the mountain hut with a hot tea or coffee, then descend to the same starting point (5 hours). On weekends the mountain hut on Kriska Gora is opened also in the winter.

I’ve especially enjoyed the longer round hike to Tolsti Vrh, from which is a beautiful view at central Karavanke and mountains like Kosuta, Storzic and on the other side even to the Julian Alps. Make sure you download a GPS track or have a reliable map with you, as the marking on the path to Tolsti Vrh might be hidden, and as it’s not so popular hike, there might be no path in the snow.

Difficulty: easy to medium

Length: 10 km / 5-6 hours round trip

Altitude: Tolsti Vrh 1715 m, Koca na Kriski gori 1471 m

Mountain hut: yes – Koca na Kriski gori

Where to go next: Kranj, Skofja Loka, Radovljica, Bled


#11 Dom na Kaliscu & Storzic in Kamnik-Savinja Alps

Storzic is a beautiful 2132 m high mountain in with a wooden cross on the top, offering great views and the Kamnik Savinja Alps, Karavanke and even the Julian Alps. Storzic is especially popular and often visited the mountain in the summer. In the winter, the hike is quite difficult and long and required good snow-hiking skills and winter equipment.

For shorter and safer hike is better to go only to the mountain hut Dom na Kaliscu, where you can enjoy hot tea, cold beer and some local pastry. The way to the top goes through a forest, offering some quite nice views especially in the higher parts.

Difficulty: medium to hard

Length: To Storzic 15 km / 6 hours. To Dom na Kaliscu 5 km / 2 hours.

Altitude: Storzic 2132 m, Dom na Kaliscu 1534 m

Mountain hut: yes – Dom na Kaliscu, Dom pod Storzicem


#12 Ratitovec in Skofjelosko hills

Ratitovec in is one of my favourite winter hikes, to which we go almost every winter. It’s less than 1 h drive from Ljubljana and there is an amazing view at Triglav and Julian Alps from the top, mountain hut with delicious pastry and it’s again one of the rare places, where you can do a round trip from the same starting point.

The most popular starting point is by a small church in Prtovc (expect a lot of cars). We always turn right in the village, following the path through Razor, then returning down through Poden. In my opinion, the path through Razor is a bit steeper and therefore easier for walking up rather than walking down. Also, on sunny days, you will have a nice sun on the way down through Poden (but watch out, also a slippery path, as the snow will be melting).

Difficulty: easy

Length: 7,5 km 3 hours (round trip)

Altitude: 1678 m

Mountain hut: yes - Krekova koča na Ratitovcu.

Where to go next: Skofja Loka, Kranj, Ljubljana


#13 Blegos in Skofjelosko hills

The hike to Blegos in Skofjelosko hills is another great option in the winter, which is especially beautiful in deeper snow, as the view at the white fairy-tale around is priceless. We did this hike back in 2017, which makes me think that it’s time for a repetition :) The path we’ve chosen to the top passes the mountain hut and residues of bunkers from the Second World War.

Difficulty: easy

Length: 3 km, 45 min (one way)

Altitude: 1562 m

Mountain hut: yes – Koca na Blegosu

Where to go next: Skofja Loka, Kranj, Ljubljana


#14 Snežnik in Gorisko region

Snežnik is a lonely mountain in the south of Slovenia in Goriska region. It’s popular all-year-round, especially among Croatians and Slovenes from that region. It’s the highest mountain in the region and therefore it offers great views at surrounding smaller hills in South Slovenia and also Istra.

There are several access point to the top of Sneznik, but especially in the wintertime, I’d recommend you to stick to the short and popular paths, as once we’ve tried to walk the path less travelled, and after 4 hours of hiking in knee-deep snow, didn’t make it to the top and found our way back to the car just thanks to the GPS watch I had. Read more about how you shouldn’t hike to the top of Sneznik.

Difficulty: easy

Length: 11 km, 3 hours (round trip)

Altitude: 1796 m

Mountain hut: yes


Basic safety tips on winter hiking in Slovenia:

  • Always have a snack and enough water or hot tea with you
  • Always check the weather forecast, before you head out, especially in the winter
  • Always take more clothes, you never know how the weather will change
  • If you don’t know the way, have a GPS device with you – a sports watch or a phone app tracking your way
  • Note that in the winter, markings might be hidden by snow – therefore is better to stick to popular paths
  • The snow season in Slovene Alps is from October to April, even in the spring, when most of the snow is gone, there might be some residues of ice on the path or bigger slippery snow patches
  • Markings of hiking trails in Slovenia is always a red circle with a white dot in the middle
  • For winter hiking in Slovenia, you will need crampons and gaiters, sometimes also ice-pick


Download a hiking map with amazing day hikes in Slovenia



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